3 Years Old

🪼Jellyfish & ⭐Starfish
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PATH’s 3-year-old classrooms prepare children with foundations of academic learning through play. The teachers channel the student’s energy in positive ways to encourage healthy physical and emotional growth that is age-appropriate problem-solving. Through building, art, music, and free play, children are encouraged to explore and pretend; creating wonderful opportunities, creative problem solving, and expanding self-expression. This also expands social opportunities to grow in confidence and build friendships.

In class we work on developing eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills to ensure a successful transition to pencil grasp and writing. We implement simple activities like paper-tearing, scissors skills, gluing, puzzles, threading, and painting/coloring. These building blocks prepare them for the next steps by gently nurturing and guiding them at their own pace. Our classes have two teachers. We would love to talk to you about our program. Come see us!

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What is a day like for Jellyfish and Starfish?

Children play and learn outside twice a day (weather permitting), and our teachers bring fun games and experiences from the curriculum into the great outdoors. Our playgrounds include materials such as climbers, trikes, swings, and other equipment that promote physical development. After lunchtime, our children transition into nap or quiet time where they have the chance to rest their bodies before their afternoon begins.

Questions about our 3-year-old classes?

The main areas that are incorporated and focused on in the Preschool Program

Problem Solving


Creatively Expressing Themselves Through Art Materials and Dance


Conflict Resolution


Making Predictions


Becoming Independent Through The Development Of Self-Help Skills