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The Pre-K curriculum at PATH follows a structure that emphasizes fun and learning at the same time. A core goal of the Frogs’ Classroom is to prepare students beyond Pre-K; this is accomplished by focusing on problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, and instilling a desire to go above and beyond.

What is a day like for a Pre-K student?

A typical day in the frogs classroom begins with one of the following “Table Fun” Activities: exercising the mind with puzzles, improving motor skills by sculpting Play-Doh, enhancing creativity through arts and crafts, and many more.

Frogs have weekly music classes and love learning in our outdoor classroom! Every afternoon, we gather as a group to talk about the day’s events as well as any special activities planned for the following day. 

Question about the Pre-K Frogs?



Writing The ABCs

In Pre-K, children learn to write their name and use letters and drawings to describe people, places, experiences, and feelings.


Friends and Feelings

Social skills are a big focus in Pre-K as your child gets ready for kindergarten. Your child will work on talking through big feelings and resolving conflicts with words. They’ll also talk about themselves and their families, and learn about each other’s similarities and differences.