Healthy Snacks for

Snack Time


Providing a healthy snack for your child to have at school is one of the hardest tasks we have as parents. Kids can be picky eaters we know and understand this, but their snack is a source of fuel to get them through the remainder of the day until they get home for lunch.

Most classes have snack time around 10:30 a.m. and these kids are very busy from 9:00 to 10:30. They can work up a great appetite especially if they have not eaten a good breakfast and let’s face it not everyone is a good breakfast eater!

Just because they don’t eat a morning snack at home does not mean they won’t eat one while they are here with us. We would rather you send too much food and let us send any extra home than not have enough snacks for your little one.

Best Practices: Give Them Variety

They will eat what they need and we will send home any leftovers. Please send at minimum 2-3 items: crackers (starch/carb); cheese or yogurt (dairy); protein; cut up veggies; and/or cut up fruits.

Healthy Snack Options: Everything Should Be Cut Into Yogurt Portions.

  • Fresh Fruit or Fruit pouches (apple slices, banana, orange segments – peeled, etc.)
  • Veggies (cucumber slices, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, edamame, sliced red or yellow peppers)
  • Dairy (cheese cubes; Yogurt; small yogurt cups; dips)
  • Protein (salami, deli meat, hummus, bite-sizedBite-Sized cooked chicken)
  • Carbs (crackers, cereal – cheerios, cereal bars, granola bars, muffins, pretzels, graham crackers)

Please Do Not Send: These Items Are Choking Hazards.

I know my child choked on a carrot in preschool that he had eaten plenty of times before; it happens!

Popcorn, Nuts, Hard Candy, or Carrots

Please Do Not Send Sugary Snacks If At All Possible.

These are great for quick fuel, but they will not sustain your child for the day.


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