Baby Steps

Tips For Parents


  1. Start Preparing Early: Begin discussing preschool with your child in advance. Talk about what they can expect and the new friends they’ll make. Read books about preschool to make the concept familiar.
  2. Visit the Preschool Together: If possible, visit the preschool with your child before they start. This can help them become familiar with the new environment, teachers, and classmates.
  3. Establish a Routine: Before preschool starts, establish a consistent daily routine that mimics the school schedule. This helps in adjusting to the new routine more easily.
  4. Encourage Independence: Teach your child basic self-care skills such as washing their hands, zipping their backpack, and putting on their shoes. This independence is crucial in a preschool setting.
  5. Address Separation Anxiety: It’s normal for children to experience separation anxiety. To ease this, develop a goodbye ritual and reassure them that you’ll be back to pick them up. Keep your goodbyes short and sweet to avoid prolonging the anxiety. See Tips for Transition
  6. Stay Positive: Your attitude towards preschool will influence your child’s attitude. Stay positive and excited about this new adventure.
  7. Healthy Eating and Sleep Habits: Ensure your child gets a nutritious diet and enough sleep. A well-rested child with a healthy diet is more likely to be alert and engaged in school.
  8. Get Involved: Whenever possible, participate in school activities. This shows your child that you value their education and helps you understand their preschool environment better.
  9. Communicate with Teachers: Regular communication with your child’s teachers can provide insights into how your child is adjusting and areas where they might need extra support.
  10. Foster Learning at Home: Encourage learning outside of preschool by engaging in educational activities like reading, counting, and exploring nature. This reinforces what they learn in school.
  11. Respect Their Feelings: Acknowledge your child’s feelings about preschool, whether they’re excited or nervous. Discussing their feelings openly can help them process these emotions.
  12. Be Patient: Remember that every child adjusts to preschool at their own pace. Be patient and supportive as your child navigates this new experience.