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Tips For Transition

Tips for a Successful Transition!

  • Doors open at 8:55 – drop off begins at 8:55.
  • Please sign your child IN at drop off and sign them OUT at pick up.
  • Pick up is at 12:00, after 12:10 a $20 late fee will be assessed.
  • Pick up for after school activities will vary. A $20 late fee will be assessed if pick up is more than ten minutes late.
  • Please complete the personal record form and give it to your child’s teacher.
  • Drop and go: It’s important to not delay when dropping off your child. We ask that you just drop them off and say something like, “mommy/daddy always comes back to get you,” kiss or hug them, and then leave. Even if they cry (and we expect this), it will help them to trust us if you don’t hang back.
  • Appropriate school attire: Please send your children in appropriate preschool attire. We play outside and we make messes. Make sure that they have closed-toe shoes for outside, warm clothes when it’s cold and clothes that you don’t mind them getting dirty.
  • It’s important for your child to get a good night sleep.
  • It’s important that your child eats breakfast before you arrive.
  • Let your teachers know if something out of the ordinary is going on at home that would impact your child.
  • Please do not bring toys or food from home at drop off. (However, if your child needs to have something with them to transition, just talk with the teacher).
  • Remember to check your child’s cubby daily. Important information about events, dates, etc. will be placed in their cubby.
    In your child’s backpack:
    • Sippy cup with water
    • Seasonally appropriate change of clothes including (socks, shoes, and underwear or diapers/pullups)
    • Please make sure you label EVERYTHING
  • Every time you refer a family to PATH you receive $100 off of your next month’s tuition!