Toilet Training

For 1 & 2 Years Old Classes


Please notify the child’s teachers when toilet training has begun. During this phase, the child should come to school in clothes that allow for ease in the process. Elastic waistbands are much easier than buttons, zippers, and belts. This is not only a stage of learning but also a stage of independence. Please help your child feel confident in their learning by dressing them appropriately. Also, please bring a change of clothes or two in case of an accident. Children need to be completely toilet trained before they start the three-year-old classroom.

No child will be left unattended while being diapered or having their clothes changed on the diapering surface.

POLICY for 3 and 4 year old classes

Children enrolled in the 3s and 4s classes at PATH must be potty trained before attending preschool. Children must be wearing underwear with no or very few accidents. A child having accidents daily would not be considered potty trained.
Please note that wearing pull-ups isn’t considered being potty trained.

Why do they need to be potty trained before entering the 3s and 4s class?

The classrooms are not equipped for diaper changing.

When an adult is busy changing a child’s diaper or soiled clothing, it is taking away from learning time for all students and it removes one teacher from the direct supervision of and interaction with the rest of the class.
We do understand that even potty-trained children will occasionally have toileting accidents.

By definition, “accidents” are unusual incidents and should happen infrequently. In these instances, the teachers will help children to change their clothes, encouraging independence as much as possible.

A potty trained child can do the following:

  • Communicate that they need to go to the restroom
  • Alert him/herself to stop what they are doing and go to the restroom
  • Pull down his/her clothes and get them back up without assistance
    Wipe him/herself after using the toilet (with minimal assistance for 3-year-olds)
  • Get on/off the toilet by him/herself
  • Wash and dry hands
  • Postpone going if they must wait for someone who is in the bathroom


Final Potty Notes

We will ask your child many times throughout the day if they need to use the bathroom. A teacher will assist children as needed, but children should be able to complete toileting activities independently. This is an issue that protects all concerned.

A child will not be considered toilet trained for our preschool program if the child continues to consistently have accidents after the first 6 weeks of school.

After the first 6 weeks, the following policies will be in place for children who have accidents.

  • If one or two accidents occur in one week, the parent will be notified with the understanding that the issue needs to be addressed and corrected.
  • If three or more accidents occur in one week, the parent will be notified with the understanding that if the issue isn’t corrected by the end of the second week, the child will have to stay home for at least one week, or longer, until he/she is completely potty trained. Tuition will not be prorated during this time.
  • If multiple accidents happen in one day, the parent will be notified on that day; and if not corrected by day three, the child will have to stay home a week or longer until he/she has completed potty training. Tuition will not be prorated at this time.

A child who is “toilet trained” at home is not necessarily ready to use the toilet regularly at school especially if the school is new to them or the child has recently been potty trained. We do understand in the first 6 weeks accidents will happen until the child becomes comfortable with their teachers and the school environment and routine. Unfortunately after 6 weeks the above policies will take effect.